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Kleentech Resin Flooring





We offer a complete installation service, with our experienced installers with over 10 years experience you can be assured of a professional high quality installation.

Kleentech are Partners & Agents for Bolidt flooring products in Ireland and have a long standing relationship with our friends in Holland.

Bolidt are the world leaders in floor systems, manufacturing quality products to meet the highest standards of various industries including Medical, Food Processing, Bakeries, Healthcare, Education & many more.

​With many systems available we help you choose right system for your industry to ensure a quality finish for years to come.

One of our more popular systems would be the Bolidtop 700 System. Bolidtop 700 is a series of 5mm thick seamless flooring system, based on three component epoxy resins. During formulation non-crystallizing resins and a matrix of inert fillers were used.


The series, which consists of 30 different systems, has a terrazzo appearance and excels in mechanical values. The resistance to chemicals is influenced by the finishing coat. The electrical resistance can be regulated.The Bolidtop 700-series is available in the 21 Bolidt Color Manager terrazzo colours.

Every system in the 700-series has its own finishing details and specific properties, tailored to the demands of the industry. If you are interested in the Bolidtop 700 system for your industry, please look further in your application.

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